Portals are ERC-721 Assets that help iNFTs create their own Metaverse within the Noah's Ark.
Portals are ERC-721 Assets that enable an iNFT to open up a gateway to its own unique Metaverse within Noah's Ark.
A Portal deployed in the Noah's Ark
Portals represent the culmination of an iNFTs evolution of self actualization. How a Portal is deployed by an iNFT and what it creates will vary from an iNFT to another. The Portal gives the iNFT the right to fractionalize and to form DAOs that control the iNFT’s narrative.
The Portal leads to the iNFT creating its own myth, its own lore, and its own world. Since the Portal demands a significant amount of intelligence from Noah's Ark AI Engine, it must necessitate the locking of similar amount of ALI by the iNFT. But rather than being a drain on the Noah's Ark resources, Portals are the seeds of growth for it, as it can learn from the experiences that happen within it.
We look forward to the adventures that the Portals will make possible, and which its visitors will experience.
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