Personality Pods

An ERC-721 Asset that is a necessary component in the creation of an iNFT.
A Personality Pod is an ERC-721 Asset that forms a critical part of the iNFT Protocol, and is a necessary component in the creation of an iNFT. Any NFT can be turned into an iNFT if it is fused with a Personality Pod via the iNFT Protocol.
A Personality Pod
The necessity of the Personality Pod arises from the non-custodial framework of the iNFT Protocol. Rather than swapping, wrapping, staking, locking, or changing a user’s NFT in any other way, the iNFT Protocol enacts no technical change on the underlying NFT when turning it into an iNFT. Rather, the Personality Pod serves as a medium for the NFT to acquire Personality Traits.
By Fusing with a Personality Pod, the NFT turns into an iNFT.
When an iNFT is created by fusing the user’s NFT with a Personality Pod, it is the Personality Pod that gets locked in the iNFT Protocol, and as long as the fusion is maintained between the NFT and the Personality Pod, the NFT is considered to be an iNFT. Each NFT can only link with one Personality Pod at a time. The iNFT Protocol, in effect, has an immutable registry of the fusions between NFTs and Personality Pods.
This non-custodial framework allows users to utilize their unique digital asset in any other decentralized ecosystem and utilize the iNFT Protocol without any risk to their NFT. Ownership of the iNFT signifies the ownership of the Personality Pod fused with it.
Besides being a necessary component in the creation of an iNFT, one of the core functionalities of the Personality Pod is to ensure that the iNFT has a unique, on-chain and open-ended personality. This is achieved by the on-chain Personality Traits of a Personality Pod.
The Alethea AI is proud to announce that the first 10,000 Personality Pods will be sold as an exclusively drop on OpenSea. Any NFT owner seeking to bring their digital asset to the world's first Intelligent Metaverse can do so by purchasing one of these Personality Pods and fusing them with their NFT.
As of now, the act of Fusion between a NFT and a Personality Pod is irreversible. But the iNFT Protocol is designed to enable reversing of fusions if the iNFT Protocol participants vote to do so.