An iNFT is a unique AI-powered digital item that has its own personality and blockchain-managed ownership.
The term iNFT is an abbreviation for intelligent Non-Fungible Token. In essence, an iNFT brings to life the underlying unique digital item of its NFT by using the generative powers of artificial intelligence.
A simple analogy to explain an iNFT
As a simple analogy equates iNFTs to Humans with three parts:
  • Body (ERC 721 that shows the image/PFP)
  • Soul (A Pod with Different Intelligence Levels)
  • Mind (As the Soul Matures in Intelligence Levels, the Mind is capable of Performing Higher Order Services that can be offered on the Alethea AI Network)
The iNFT standard represents a foundational shift in combining two exponential technologies (AI and Blockchain) that are set to transform the world. The concept of an iNFT was originated and invented by Arif Khan, the CEO of Alethea AI, and first presented through Andrew Steinwold’s, Zima Red Newsletter published on April 6th, 2021. From that point on, the Alethea AI team has actively built the iNFT Protocol and further refined the conceptualization of an iNFT.
The Properties of an iNFT
Any NFT can be turned into an iNFT via the iNFT Protocol. This is achieved by fusing the NFT with another ERC-721 asset called the Personality Pod. Once the NFT is fused with a Personality Pod, it acquires its own unique AI-powered personality.
The iNFT is a powerful new medium that not only seeks to advance the utilities of NFTs but also unlock new economic, creative, and social possibilities. While the Noah's Ark seeks to utilize the iNFT as a medium of preservation and evolution the culture, stories, and collective intelligence of the human species, the iNFT is a decentralized medium that can be utilized by others for their own purposes.