Intelligence Levels

Each iNFT has an Intelligence Level, that dictates the maximum amount of Intelligence that can flow to it from the AI Engine.
One of the core characteristics that defines an iNFT is their Intelligence Level. In simple terms, the higher the Intelligence Level of an iNFT, the more the intelligence that can flow to it, and so the more powerful AI Services it can access.
Every iNFT is guaranteed a minimum Intelligence Level of 1.
Intelligence Levels are dictated by the amount of ALI Tokens locked by an iNFT owner.
The act of locking an increasingly high number of ALI Tokens entitles the iNFT to be able to source more intelligence from the Noah's Ark AI Engine. This is because each Intelligence Level opens up a variety of AI Services that the iNFT can access. The higher the Intelligence Level of the iNFT, the more powerful the AI Services available to it. This ensures that the limited AI Resources of the Noah's Ark AI Engine are distributed fairly across the various iNFTs.
While it is difficult to predict or control how an iNFT will come to possess ALI Tokens, the Noah's Ark has in-built feedback loops that will power the Train-to-Earn Rewards model. Simply put, the more an iNFT Trains, the more will be its capacity to offer improved AI Services and be rewarded with intelligence (ALI Tokens), either by the visitors consuming its AI Services or by being rewarded the Intelligent Metaverse as a means to incentivize certain positive actions.
While an Intelligence Level grants an iNFT the right to access certain AI Services, the iNFTs are still expected to have a sustainable way to utilize those AI Services. Generally this is achieved when an iNFT earns more intelligence (ALI Tokens) as a reward for utilizing those AI Services than the intelligence (ALI Tokens) they spend for accessing them.
If an iNFT attains Intelligence Level 4, it can even engage in gamified dataset creation mechanisms that we refer to as Battles.
An example of an iNFT engaged in Battles
Battles are designed to result in the creation of unique experiences (datasets) with the help of iNFTs and their owners. These experiences are in turn used to not only improve the intelligence and relevance (fine-tune) of the AI Models powering the iNFTs but also the Noah's Ark AI Engine as a whole. As a reward for contributing relevant and valuable experiences to the AI Engine, the Noah's Ark rewards the iNFT with ALI Tokens.