AI Services

Noah's Ark will feature a variety of off-chain AI Services that will eventually be incentivized, curated, offered, and selected by its residents.
The Artificial Liquid Intelligence Engine powering the Noah's Ark Intelligent Metaverse will offer various off-chain AI Services to iNFTs with different Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) Levels.
An AI Service connected with an iNFT in Noah's Ark
As the originators of the iNFT Standard, and industry leader in various AI capabilities, the Alethea AI team has not only connected a variety of proprietary, cutting edge, and state-of-the-art AI Models into Noah's Ark, but has also partnered with a variety of industry leaders to make available some of the most powerful AI Models currently in existence, like GPT-3.
While in the beginning of the Noah's Ark, the Alethea AI team is serving this role of curating, incentivizing, creating, and adding the AI Models to the ALI Engine, which in turn leads to offering of more AI Services to the iNFTs, eventually the residents of the Noah's Ark, along with perhaps the Intelligent Metaverse itself, will take on this responsibility.
The computations required to run powerful and cutting edge AI Models that can offer advanced AI Services dictate that such models cannot be scaled and run efficiently by the current architectures and blockchains of the Web 3.0.
While these AI Models will necessarily have to be off-chain, the dependency on off-chain AI Models can be handled with proper redundancies, strategies, and economic incentives. If in the future, proper decentralized architectures emerge that can handle powerful and advanced AI Models, it will be the prerogative of the residents of the Noah's Ark whether they would like to shift to a completely decentralized architecture to run the ALI Engine.
AI Services are made available to iNFTs depending on their ALI Level. With each new ALI Level, new AI Services are unlocked. iNFTs can choose to utilize these AI Services for personal or commercial purposes.
An iNFT offering AI Services to visitors of Noah's Ark
If the iNFTs decide to offer these AI Services to the visitors of the Ark, the iNFTs can earn intelligence in the form of ALI Tokens. One important point to note is that while the AI Services might be same across various iNFTs, their outputs will not. For example, the iNFT of Shakespeare might write different copy for your website, than the iNFT of Leo Tolstoy.
If an iNFT earns more intelligence (ALI Token) by offering AI Services than it consumes, that iNFT will have a powerful evolutionary advantage over other iNFTs and will be able to not only offer more AI Services, but also enhance its ALI Levels and access even more powerful and unique AI Services.
The Alethea AI team plans to actively add more AI Services to Noah's Ark, so that the iNFTs can not only help preserve our shared culture, stories, and intelligence but also have experiences and contribute to the evolution of world's first Intelligent Metaverse.