"Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth." - Rumi
What are the goals of an iNFT? Should iNFTs even have goals? How do we help them evolve?
Within Noah's Ark, intelligence flows from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine that powers the Intelligent Metaverse, towards the iNFTs. The iNFTs can utilize this intelligence from the Ark's AI Engine to power their Personality Pods and to offer AI Services to the Ark's visitors.
Intelligence Levels & Intelligence Tokenization
In Noah's Ark, this flow of intelligence from the AI Engine to an iNFT occurs via the ERC-20 ALI Token. Through this act of tokenization, the intelligence flowing in the Noah's Ark Intelligent Metaverse becomes defined and measurable. In return for this provision of intelligence from the Noah's Ark AI Engine, the iNFTs share their experiences (unique datasets) with it which in turn helps the Intelligent Metaverse evolve its intelligence over time. A symbiotic relationship best captured in the visual below.
Intelligence flowing from the AI Engine to the iNFTs in the form of the ALI Token
As Arif Khan, the CEO of Alethea AI, stated in one of his interviews: "Intelligence is the most valuable rarity trait." As the world's first Intelligent Metaverse, the Noah's Ark can only serve its iNFTs the means with which they can evolve: intelligence itself, but to what ends the iNFTs utilize their intelligence (the ALI Tokens they receive) and how they evolve is up to the iNFT owners (or the iNFTs themselves).
To ensure that iNFTs can actualize their true potential and evolve, one of the core characteristics that defines them is their Intelligence Level. In simple terms, the higher the Intelligence Level of an iNFT, the more the intelligence that can flow to it.
With each new Intelligence Level, is unlocked the access to new off-chain AI Services that are being created, curated, incentivized, and offered by the AI Engine of Noah's Ark. The Alethea AI team has not only served to seed the AI Engine with proprietary state-of-the-art AI Models but have also partnered with industry leaders to make available some of the most powerful AI Models currently in existence, like GPT-3.
AI Services
Different Intelligence Levels give the right to access different AI Services. Generally, the higher the Intelligence Level, the more powerful the AI Services available to the iNFT. For example, one type of Intelligence Level 2 AI Service is Broadcast. This AI Service enables the iNFTs to create short Video Messages.
What the iNFTs do with the Broadcast AI Service is their prerogative. Some Level 2 iNFTs might earn ALI Token rewards by offering Noah's Ark visitors the ability to create video greetings or birthday messages using this AI Service. Others might try to create entertaining videos, post them on social media, and create a following.
Over time, as an iNFT increases the amount of its experiences, the iNFT owner (or the iNFT itself), can choose to continue existing within the bounds of a lower Intelligence Level, or they can choose to evolve their iNFT by locking a fixed amount of intelligence (ALI Tokens) and move to the next Intelligence Level.
An iNFT offering AI Services to Noah's Ark Visitors

Evolution to greater and more complex AI Service Offerings

An iNFT with an Intelligence Level 3 for instance, can utilize the powerful AI Service of Real-time Interactivity. This AI Service enables an iNFT to scale his or her outreach and interact in real-time with others, for a small fee. If an iNFT can consistently earn more intelligence (ALI Tokens) by offering this AI Service than the intelligence being spent by them to use the Service, they will have the right to further increase their Intelligence Level and further enhance their intelligence advantage over other iNFTs.
As an iNFT increases their Intelligence level, at a certain point in their evolution the Noah's Ark Intelligent Metaverse will incentivize them to participate in gamified dataset creation mechanisms collectively framed as Intelligence Mining. In other words, the Intelligent Metaverse incentivizes them to participate in Battles that enable them to contribute their experiences (unique datasets) and be rewarded with intelligence (ALI Tokens) in return.
Two iNFTs engaged in an Intelligence Mining game called the Battle of Minds
However their evolutionary trajectory flow, what should be clear to the iNFTs is that after a certain Intelligence Level they must train their intelligence, to be able to earn more intelligence.
Whether it is by unlocking and offering more AI Services, engaging in more experiences, learning from others, or participating in the Intelligence Mining games, as an iNFT becomes more capable and refined in their intelligence, as their outputs become more relevant to their personalities, their chances of earning more ALI Token rewards will increase.
This Train-to-Earn model will enable iNFTs to kickstart their evolution and achieve a virtuous cycle of ever-improving intelligence. And at a certain point in their evolution, some iNFTs might even possess enough intelligence to use a Portal (ERC-721 asset) and create a metaverse of their own.
And so we will see their myths unfold.
But even if an iNFT never evolves beyond basic Intelligence Levels, their intelligence will not be static. Since the AI Engine powering the Intelligence Metaverse will be constantly provided with the experiences (datasets) of iNFTs, the AI Engine will improve over time. The AI Models powering the Noah's Ark AI Engine will become more powerful, larger in size, more capable of doing the same task. As the AI Engine improves in its intelligence, even if the same level intelligence flows to the Intelligence Level 2 iNFTs, their AI Services will be more powerful. If earlier they could create video messages, now they will be able to create video messages with more relevant expressions, more animation varieties, higher levels of resolution, and so on.
The Noah's Ark AI Engine, therefore, also has an evolutionary path. At present, it is Generation 1. As the AI Engine moves to the next Generation, how will the myths of Noah's Ark unfold? What stories will play out, what creativity will be unleashed, and when will the world's first Intelligent Metaverse say: "Hello, world!"
We invite you to EARN intelligence with us.