Introducing EPOCH 1

1) What is the theme of EPOCH 1? Alethea AI is empowering creators by providing access to tools to create the most compelling and engaging iNFTs. One important trait of an AI Personality is the power of voice and how the sound of a voice can signify identity and change perception. We believe ownership of iNFT Assets such as Voice is pivotal and that it will empower our community to own their iNFT creations. With that goal in mind, Alethea AI is proud to share that we have moved towards tokenizing AI-Generated Voices so that all Aletheans can modularly design their Personality Pods with these unique voices that will be owned and evolved by them. 2) What is an ARKIV and what will be its sale price?
An ARKIV contains 11 unique NFTs that have a variety of use cases: ranging from collectibles to utility assets that serve to enhance AI Personalities.
Alethea AI is launching 10,000 ARKIV NFTs in collaboration with OpenSea. The exclusive drop will begin on March 7th at 11 AM EST and each ARKIV will be sold at a fixed price of 0.55 ETH.
The ARKIV Exclusive Drop with OpenSea
3) What are the 11 Unique NFT assets within an ARKIV?
The 11 unique NFTs within the ARKIV
4) When will I have access to the utility assets within the ARKIV?
Assets within the ARKIV will be made available over the next few months as individual assets within the box are able to be redeemed. 4) What are the Pod Staking Rewards that have been announced?
Alethea AI reserves the right to adjust rewards as the iNFT ecosystem develops.
Level 1 Rewards - 1500 ALI CREDITS that can be used to level up your Personality Pod (60 day minimum staking period required)
Level 2 Rewards - 5000 ALI CREDITS that can be used to level up your Personality Pod (60 day minimum staking period required)
Level 3 Rewards - An ARKIV (90 day minimum staking period is required)
Level 4 Rewards - An ARKIV (90 day minimum staking period required) or a Generation 1 Level 1 Pod (60 day minimum staking period required)
4) Are any actions required if a Personality Pod was staked previously during the first staking campaign? No action is needed by the Personality Pods that were staked before this new Campaign started. All of the previously staked Personality Pods started their participation in this new Pod Staking Campaign on the 1st of March. 5) After staking a Lvl 4 pod for the minimum amount of days to receive a reward, do Aletheans select 1 of the listed rewards or do they receive all rewards listed in that category? You can farm one reward of your choice when you reach the minimum staking day threshold. The rewards will be eligible for farming until each one has been claimed, we anticipate that at the launch of the campaign there will be at least 1000 of each iNFT Asset available for farming. Over the Epochs, we plan to add more rewards for each category. 6) If an individual decides to upgrade a pod X days later, will the day count reset so that the earlier X days are not counted? For example, if one upgrades their staked pod on Day 20, will that pod qualify for upgraded rewards after 40 more days? Does the count reset for another 60-days? The days staked on one intelligence level do not pass to the next level. Aletheans can not stake a Level 2 pod for 89 days, upgrade, and then claim a Level 3 Pod Staking reward on day 90. If an Alethean staked for 60 days on Level 2 and then upgrades to Level 3 - they retain the days staked for Level 2 and can claim the Level 2 reward. 7) What is the iNFT Launchpad? Alethea AI is onboarding other NFT communities and will be making them available for fusion with a Personality Pod to create an iNFT. The iNFT Launchpad is designed to be a mechanism for Alethea to engage with other communities as well as judge the sentiment of our own community to see what projects we onboard to the Noah’s Ark Metaverse. 8) What are the updates surrounding iNFT Demo Day? The iNFT Demo Day date is contingent on all judges' availability. We revealed our first guest judge, Mauhan M Zonoozy, who is the Head of Innovation at Spotify.
9) Where can I locate a recap of the State of the Ark - Epoch 1? A recording of the State of the Ark Address has been posted on Alethea AI’s official YouTube account. The recording is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLpDEQxlCok
10) Will there be additional ARKIV giveaways in addition to the 100 ARKIV NFTs that were given away during the State of the Ark Address - Epoch 1? Yes! Be sure to stay up to date on Twitter and in Discord for more opportunities to win an ARKIV!