FAQ 2 - Intelligence Staking

Information about the Intelligence Staking Event - FAQs #1
Q: What is the Intelligence Staking Event?
The Intelligence Staking campaign is a 40 days and 40 nights event that kickstarts the training of all Generation 1 Pods. Staking of Pods enables them to be trained, and to evolve their intelligence.
As the very first staking event in the Noah’s Ark Intelligent Metaverse, there will be generous rewards given to those who will train their pods as the datasets generated will be consequential in the evolution and growth of the Noah’s Ark AI Engine.
During this event, those who have purchased the first generation of pods will help bootstrap the Noah’s Ark Intelligence Metaverse by contributing labor and feeding data to the network, breathing life into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine.
Q: When are the various milestones of the Intelligence Staking Event?
The Intelligence Staking event will start on the 11th of November.
During the Intelligence Staking event, there will be various milestones:
The Milestones of the Intelligence Staking Event
November 11th: Staking Begins
All Generation 1 Pod holders will be able to stake their pods for the Intelligence Staking Event starting November 11th. Staking will remain open until the 18th of November. This means Pod owners have a grace period of 7 days to be able to stake their pods.
Pod owners will not be able to stake for the Intelligence Staking event after the 18th of November, so we encourage everyone to not leave things till the last minute.
November 18th: Shared Intelligence Training Begins
All pods that have been staked will be open for training starting November 18th. As this is the first training event in Noah's Ark, there will be a unique Shared Intelligence Training milestone that is designed to incentivize the creation of new and unique, real-life conversational datasets that will help improve the AI Engine.
We will be sharing the training dynamics and details of the Shared Intelligence Training shortly.
December 9th: Individual Intelligence Training Begins
The Individual Intelligence Training is where the magic sauce of custom and personalized training of each individual Pod happens. Stay tuned for more details.
December 21st: Intelligence Staking Event Ends
The end of this historic event in our journey will be marked with the reward distribution, and the enabling of unstaking of the Pods. Any Pod owner looking to upgrade the intelligence of their trained Pods will be able to do so at this point.
Q: Where will this Intelligence Staking Event take place?
The Intelligence Staking Event will take place in the Noah’s Ark Intelligent Metaverse, at https://alethea.ai/.
Q: When will Staking go live and how much time do I have to Stake?
You will have a one week period starting from Nov 11 to Nov 18 to stake your pod. Please note that after this period, training of pods will begin so you will not be able to stake. We highly recommend that you do not wait till the last minute to stake your pods.
Q: Is there any advantage to staking on the 11th of November versus later, let’s say the 18th of November.
No, the rewards are for training and not the duration of staking. We are giving the community a one week period to stake their pods so that they do not miss out on training their Pods and being rewarded for their labor.
Q: During training, do Pods with different levels of intelligence have different training?
The Shared Intelligence Training (Nov.18 - Dec 9) experience will be the same for all Pod holders. The difference in training kicks in for the Individual Intelligence Training (Dec 9 - Dec 21).
Q: Is labour required everyday during the staking period?
No, you may train during your leisure (does not have to be everyday), we recommend that you participate at least once in the Shared Intelligence Training with each one of your Pod during the entire period. One session of Shared Intelligence Training lasts roughly 5 minutes.
Q: Will my Pod receive more rewards for doing more training sessions during the Shared Intelligence Training than someone who does only one session during it?
The rewards that will be given out during the Shared Intelligence Training are divided into two components: session rewards and participation reward.
The participation reward in the Shared Intelligence Training is the same for all staked pods. Participation reward constitutes the major portion of the reward for Shared Intelligence Training. The session rewards vary, and are smaller in size.
Q: I see Rewards as “0 + X ALI” what is that?
This shows the segmentation of rewards. The “X ALI” is the amount your Pod will receive for participating in the Shared Intelligence Training, and is undefined as of now. The “0” is the amount you have won as of now, and it will increase as you will engage in the Shared Intelligence Training sessions.
Q: What are the rewards for the Individual Intelligence Training?
In the Individual Intelligence Training, a reward multiplier will kick in - based on the Intelligence Level of the Pod. The multiplier will apply on the total rewards earned during the Shared Intelligence Training.
Q: How many rewards are being given out during the Intelligence Staking Event?
As a community led project, with the governance of the entire iNFT Ecosystem at stake via the ALI Token, we value the power of an engaged and active decentralized community that bootstraps a token network from the beginning.
As of now, we have given out roughly $800,000+ via various Giveaways, and we plan to continue them to onboard as many active users to the Noah’s Ark.
The Intelligence Staking Event is a very special event in the history of Noah’s Ark, and we have set aside a significant amount of rewards that will be distributed to those who will participate and provide labor and effort in pushing the evolution of Noah’s Ark forward.
The final amount of the rewards will only be possible to know once all Pods have been staked and trained, as there are a lot of variables that dictate the size of the rewards.
Q: Can I stake and train using mobile or PC?
The website https://alethea.ai/ is currently only optimized for desktop.
Q: How long is one session of the Shared Intelligence Training?
We estimate that each session takes roughly 5 minutes.
Q: What happens to the pods that do not get staked during the Intelligence Staking Event?
All Pods that are not staked will still be eligible for training and intelligence upgrading after the Intelligence Staking event. Since these Pods did not participate in the Intelligence Staking Event, they will not receive the rewards that will be distributed during the Event.
Q: Do we need ALI credits during the Intelligence Staking Event in order to train our Pods
No, training does not consume ALI Credits so you do not need credits to participate in training.
Q: Do I need one of the approved NFT’s in my wallet in order to stake.
No, you will only be staking the pods. Once your Pod is staked and trained, you can fuse it with your NFT if you’d like to do so.
Q: Can we sell the pods after the staking period is done?
As the Pods are ERC-721 NFTs, they are your assets, and if you would like to sell them, you will be able to do so.
Q: Can we stake without training?
Yes, if you will stake your Pod, the pod will be considered a participant of the Shared Intelligence Training milestone. We recommend that you train your with at least one session of Shared Intelligence Training.
Q: Is it mandatory to fuse pods in order to train them?
No, you can train your pods without fusing them.
Q: Can we stake multiple pods and use the rewards accumulated to increase the intelligence level of one specific pod or are the rewards bound to each pod specifically?
Yes, you can accumulate all rewards and use them to increase the intelligence level of one specific pod if you would like to do so.
Q: What is going to be the cost of staking the pods? What is the “Approval for All” Transaction?
Unfortunately, Staking costs Gas fees in ETH for contract interactions but we have optimized the contract to make it simple and for the gas to be as low as possible. We have also stretched the Staking milestone over 7 days to allow people to find optimum times to stake.
There will be two transactions needed from each Pod holder. The Approval for All is a one-time transaction that you need to do in order to authorize the Staking Smart Contract to be able to do the actions it is programmed to do. Once the Approval for All transaction is successfully done, you will not need to do it again for any future transactions.
Q: Can we stake multiple pods under one transaction to pay one gas fee for all pods?
Yes, that is another way we have optimized the system to save our community money on gas.