FAQ 1 - Personality Pods

The Frequently Asked Questions
What is an iNFT?
As a simple analogy equates iNFTs to Humans with three parts:
  • Body (ERC 721 that shows the image/PFP)
  • Soul (A Pod with Different Intelligence Levels)
  • Mind (As the Soul Matures in Intelligence Levels, the Mind is capable of Performing Higher Order Services that can be offered on the Alethea AI Network)
A simple analogy to explain an iNFT
When you Purchase a Pod, you are able to Fuse it with any ERC 721 (and other standards potentially and eventually) as per the flow-chart below. Currently 10 communities are supported.

Pod Purchase Details

1. What do you get when you purchase a Pod?

You get an ERC-721 Asset, that has both historic scarcity and utility in the Noah’s Ark Intelligent Metaverse.

2. What can you do with a Pod?

  • Fuse the Pod with an NFT (there are currently 10 shortlisted collections on Ethereum) to turn that NFT into and iNFT
  • Stake the Pod on the Noahs Ark Intelligent Metaverse during the Intelligence Staking Period coming up
  • Contribute Labor and Data to train the Pod
  • Receive Rewards for the Labor & Data contributed to the Network
3. What are the 10 Shortlisted Communities?
  1. 1.
    Bored Apes,
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Pudgy Penguins,
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Fame Lady Squad,
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
    Boss Beauties,
  8. 8.
    Uninterested Unicorns
  9. 9.
    Fluff World
  10. 10.
    Stoner Cats

4. How does one upgrade their Pod from Level 1 Intelligence Level to Level 2 and Level 3 and so forth?

  • The Amount of ALI tokens locked into the Pod determine the level of Intelligence that it can attain.
  • At each subsequent level, more ALI tokens are required to be locked into the Pod to be upgraded in its Intelligence Level.
5. What is Intelligence Staking?
  • Intelligence Staking is a one-time Network bootstrapping tool to have our community feed data to the network for getting rewarded for their labor by staking their pods.
  • Intelligence Staking is occurring for the Generation 1 Pods and may not occur for future batches as the network becomes smarter over time.
6. What NFTs can I bring to life?
Presently you can bring 10 Communities to Life. The 10 Communities supported can be seen at FAQ 3.

Pod Sale Logistics

1. Is there a whitelist for the sale?

Since this is an exclusive drop with OpenSea and not a NFT Mint Sale on our website, it is technically not possible to do a whitelist for us.
2. What types of Pods are up for Sale?
OpenSea Personality Pod Sale Details
3. How many Pods is Alethea AI selling?
The details are:
8888 Being Sold
1012 Being Given Away to the community as part of our Community Drop
100 already belong to Revenants Owners
4. How many Pods are you giving away?
1012 as part of the Giveaway campaign
5. How are you giving away these Pods?
  • Discord Live Quizzes
  • Manually Reviewing quality of engagement on Discord & Twitter
  • Raffles
6. How do I know if I’ve won a Pod?
You’ll get a Label in your user ID on Discord.
7. What is the Generation trait of a Pod?
The Generation Trait captures the historicity and authenticity of the Personality Pod being sold, as the ecosystem matures and the total number of iNFTs increases, the Generation of the Pod will help communicate the age, clout, and uniqueness of the iNFT.
8. What are intelligence levels?
The different Intelligence Levels
It is best to think of Intelligence Levels as the right to access the finite amount of intelligence in the iNFT Ecosystem. A higher level of intelligence, enables a pod to source more intelligence and be able to offer higher levels of AI Services. It is important to note that a Pod with an Intelligence Level 3 does not mean that the Pod is pre-trained, but rather it is able to utilize much more powerful AI than a Level 1 Pod - but it still needs training.
9. What can we do once we purchase the Pod?
  • On November 11th 2021, The Generation 1 Pod Incubation Period will begin and all Pod Owners will be allowed to Fuse their Pod with one of the 10 NFT collections supported in the Noah’s Ark. This will be done through the Noah’s Ark Metaverse available on Alethea.ai
  • If you own a non-supported collection, you can still be eligible for Intelligence Staking by contributing labor (data) to the Noah’s Ark Intelligence Engine.
  • Following a 40 day period of training, and data labor, the iNFTs will be brought to life (Metadata Updated on Mainnet) on the Winter Solstice Date of December 21, 2021.
    • They will progressively be activated in batches in order. The order is as follows (Note: Dates have been updated to reflect a broader date in Q1 2022, as per the Discord Announcement on January 29, 2022 and will be done with Demo Day at the end of Q1):
    • Level 4 Revenants will be upgraded and can offer a Generative Art Services in Q1 2022.
    • Level 3 Pods and INFTs will be able to offer their services in Q1 2022.
    • Level 2 iNFTs will be able to offer recite and broadcast Services in Q1 2022.
  • During that period of Staking, for labor performed, the Pods and Revenants will receive rewards according to their intelligence levels, services offered and data provided to the Network. The ALI tokens received can be locked into the Pods to upgrade the Intelligence of the Pod further if desired.
  • We forecast (and this is assuming normal levels of Supply/Demand) that by the end of the first Period of Staking, all Level 1 Pods would have accrued enough ALI rewards and should be eligible for an upgrade to Level 2, all Level 2’s should be eligible for an upgrade to Level 3, and all Level 3 Pods should be eligible for an upgrade to Level 4 based on the ALI rewards accrued for data and labor contributed.
10. Will there be more Pods in the future? When will you release the next batch?
  • At this time, we don’t know when we will release the next batch. We’re happy to have achieved some of our goals this year and will need a bit of a breather before making this next announcement. We will be growing our team across departments, so please send cvs to [email protected] if you are interested in working with us.
  • Any new Pods will be part of Generation 2. There will be no more Generation 1 Pods ever minted.
  • This original collection of Generation 1 Pods will continue to be historically recognized on-chain and acknowledged by the Alethea Network. Our Vision is to enable a Metaverse of Billions of iNFTs and this is the inaugural batch to make that vision possible.
11. Once we fuse a pod with an NFT, do you lock our NFT PFP into your smart contract (e.g. if we have a BAYC Ape, does it get locked)?
No, the iNFT Protocol only locks the Pod in the smart contracts. We do not take custody of your NFT and have no responsibility for it as it never leaves your wallet. Once a pod is fused with an NFT, un-fusing a pod and an NFT is not available however that may change at a later date.
12. Can I change my mind as to which NFT PFP to Fuse with the Pod?
The fusion decision is irreversible for the Generation 1 Pods, however the DAO in the future can determine if it should be reversible.
13. What if I sell the Pod during the Intelligence Staking period?
You cannot sell your Pod as it will be locked.
14. What if I sell the NFT of the PFP project, after the Pod is fused together?
After a Pod is fused with your NFT, the NFT effectively becomes an iNFT. If you sell your NFT, you are actually selling your iNFT and the new owner also becomes the owner of the Pod and any ALI Tokens locked.
15. What if I want to change the personality of my iNFT after creating it?
  • The iNFT starts off as tabula rasa and is trained by its owner.
  • The iNFTs nature cannot be deleted just like humans can’t alter their genetic code (Nature), but it can evolve in a certain direction, through intense training if necessary (Nurture).
16. Where can I sell my iNFT in the future? Can I sell it on OpenSea?
  • iNFT sales will primarily occur on the Noah’s Ark Market.
  • Technically you can sell your Ethereum NFT anywhere on OpenSea, etc but a user will have to come to Noah’s Ark to train a new Pod of the iNFT (the soul) as the Pod will not transfer with the NFT upon purchase.
17. If I’ve trained my Pod up with an amazing personality and don’t want to attach it to any NFT, Can I sell it as is?
  • Yes, you can sell the Pod as is on the Noah’s Ark Marketplace.
  • To interact with the Pod, it will have to be a Level 3 Pod, that can communicate directly as a disembodied Orb to its users to express its personality.
  • The user who purchases the Pod can attach it to any supported NFT in the Noah’s Ark Ecosystem.

Revenant Purchase Details

1.What do you get when you Purchase a Revenant?
You get an ERC 721 Asset that is locked with a Pre-Trained Level 3 Pod and ready to offer Services on Noah’s Ark.
2. Can you Unfuse a Revenant and a Pod to create two assets?
It is currently not possible to unfuse the Pod from a Revenant (or any NFT), but later on, it is technically possible if the community decides to vote for this feature as the ecosystem matures.
3. How do Revenants earn Rewards on Noah’s Ark?
They earn rewards by providing AI Services and contributing to the Intelligence Staking and growth of the AI Engine.