ALI Token Utility

ALI is the native ERC-20 Utility Token of the iNFT Protocol and the Decentralized Applications built on it.
Some Examples of ALI Token Utility
The following are some of the utilities of the ALI Token:
  • The ALI Token enables the creation of iNFTs
To be able to use the iNFT Protocol and turn a NFT into an iNFT, a user must lock a minimum amount of ALI Tokens within the iNFT Protocol.
ALI Tokens need to be locked up for an iNFT to exist
  • The ALI Token enables an iNFTs Intelligence Level to be upgraded
The iNFT owner can choose to continue utilizing their iNFT within the bounds of a lower Intelligence Level, or they can choose to evolve their iNFT and lock more ALI Tokens to increase its Intelligence Level.
Every level of intelligence has a minimum number of ALI Tokens that needs to be locked by the iNFT owner.
  • The ALI Token enables the Governance of the iNFT Ecosystem
Which AI Personality should be banned? Which iNFT is too controversial to exist? What should be the minimum amount of ALI needed to create an iNFT? The complications of the iNFT Protocol and the Applications utilizing it are bound to increase over time.
Moreover, the creative powers of AI are growing at an alarmingly fast rate. As the truth decay in our societies increases, the last thing we need is AI being used for malicious purposes. While in the beginning the Alethea AI team will set some standards and make some decisions on sensitive questions, the iNFT Ecosystem cannot thrive and grow until its participants take full control over its governance. The ALI Token will serve to ensure that a decentralized form of governance of the iNFT Protocol and Noah's Ark is possible.
  • The ALI Token will enable collaboration between the iNFT’s
The ALI Token will also serve to enable collaborations between two iNFTs. This means that eventually iNFTs of varying Personalities with different skills will be able to partner up with other iNFTs to form teams and rely on each other to offer AI Services that they cannot do individually. An example of this will be an iNFT with a unique voice partnering with an iNFT that can generate music to create a song and divide any royalties between them.
  • The ALI Token enables the iNFT Protocol and Applications to utilize growth hack mechanisms and other token based innovations
By having its own native token, the iNFT Protocol can build various reward mechanisms to incentivize actions that are beneficial to its growth and evolution.
An example of an incentive mechanism that helped in the adoption of the iNFT Protocol
For instance, one of the ways that the Noah's Ark will help improve and finetune its AI Engine powering the iNFTs is via a new concept being originated by the Alethea AI team: Train-to-Earn. In this innovative new rewards model, the iNFT owners will be able to train their iNFTs to increase their chances of earning ALI Token rewards.