The ETH Addresses For All The ALI Token Reserves
As per our Tokenomics, we will have the following ALI Token Reserves and Vesting:
The ALI Token Reserves and Vesting
Keeping in line with the above, and in the spirit of full transparency, the various ALI Token Reserves are held in the following ETH addresses:

Ecosystem Development Reserve

Allocation: 3,700,000,000 ALI Tokens
Initial Unlock: 185,000,000
The 325,000,000 ALI Tokens that were reserved for the Token Distribution Auction and were not utilized during the TDA are in the same wallet as the Ecosystem Development Reserve.

Private and Strategic Sale Reserve

Allocation: 2,300,000,000 ALI Tokens
Initial Unlock: 230,000,000

Team and Advisor Reserve

Allocation: 2,000,000,000 ALI Tokens
Initial Unlock: 100,000,000

Marketing Reserve

Allocation: 1,000,000,000 ALI Tokens
Initial Unlock: 100,000,000

Treasury Reserve

Allocation: 500,000,000 ALI Tokens
Initial Unlock: 0