Tokenomics Details of the ALI Token
The Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) Token is the native ERC-20 Utility Token of the iNFT Protocol.
In this section we aim to explain the Tokenomics of the ALI token and share a detailed breakdown of the total maximum supply. Additionally, we detail the various mechanisms by which the token is distributed.

Smart Contract Details

ALI is an ERC-20 Token with the following smart contract address:

Token Distribution Details

The ALI Token is an initial fixed supply token (long term deflationary), with 10 Billion total supply, and the following token distribution:
ALI Token Distribution

ALI Token Distribution Auction

From the 28th to 31st of December, Alethea AI conducted a Token Distribution Auction for its ALI Token via the Copper Launch Protocol.
The participation in the TDA exceeded our expectations and it speaks volumes about our decision to conduct a TDA that was designed to be fair and placed the best interests of the community above everything else. It is a testament to the the vision of the iNFT Protocol that:
  • 173.33 M amount of ALI Tokens were purchased exceeding our expectations of 1.5% of total supply sold.
  • The ALI Token at the end of the TDA has a value of $0.0678 USD
  • Aletheans participating in the ALI economy have now grown to almost 23k active members.
As per the Token Distribution, a total of 5% of the total supply was reserved for the TDA. In total, during the TDA roughly 1.75% of the tokens were sold. The remaining 3.25% of the total supply in the TDA Reserve for liquidity and staking incentives over the next several months.

Token Vesting Details

The ALI Token distribution will be released as follows:
ALI Token Vesting Details
A stacked area chart of the Token Vesting is shown below, the tokens started vesting from Feb 14th 2022 with an initial circulating amount of 7.9% (790 M) of the total supply:
Stacked Area Chart of ALI Token Vesting Schedule

ALI Token Sale Details

The ALI Token Sale details are shared below:
ALI Token Sales and TDA Details

Technical Details

The ALI Token has the following technical details:
Symbol: ALI
Name: ALI Token
Decimals: 18
Initial Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ALI
Non-mintable: New tokens cannot be created
Burnable: Existing tokens may get destroyed
DAO Support (Governance): Supports voting delegation